We’ve created a digital alternative to medication information pharmacies provide to their patients.

Partnering with MedsOnCue allows your pharmacies to now print a QR code on prescription labels to give their patients access to digital medication guides and patient education sheets. We’ve gained confirmation from 40+ State Boards of Pharmacy and the FDA that allows pharmacies to offer their patients a digital alternative to paper.

Download our Integration Specs here

To get the QR code to print, integration is pretty simple:

How we serve Implement a link/
QR code builder
How we serve We’ll provide the URL structure that will have two variables: unique pharmacy ID and NDC
How we serve Create a "going green" flag on interface in a patient profile similar to non-safety cap flog

Patients will not need any other app to access MedsOnCue.
They’ll only need a tablet or smartphone with access to an internet connection.

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